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Service and Development Laboratory

One of the specializations in which we have accumulated a significant record is developments and solutions in the field of amplification and lighting in cases where existing "shelf products" do not give a full response.  Kilim's sound and light technicians operate a service and development laboratory that is one of the most advanced in the world, among whose customers are security and military bodies.  The laboratory's staff also provides solutions for the establishment of wireless infrastructure for a variety of needs: multi-channel microphones operating without disturbance, wireless intercom, duplex communications for internal and external operation of stages and studios and, as indicated, unique solutions in the field of security.

Kilim's laboratory also performs rapid, dependable repairs of any size for our customers' equipment and systems, as well as those of external bodies, , while providing cross-country service.  Among other things, we repair amplification systems and speakers, line and wireless microphones, earphones, dimmers, smart lights, and more

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