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Importing and Marketing

Abroad is here…

As a company that sees itself as an inseparable part of the global market, we insist on being in the technological forefront and being up to date on global trends, technological innovations, and updated trends in the worldwide field of lighting and amplification.  Kilim's international department is a dynamic and active arm connecting the giant brand names that lead industry.  Beyond the cooperation and productions that we carry out abroad (of scopes that are unknown in the Israeli market), we import the top amplification and lighting equipment.  The unique field in which we have developed specialization and absolute control of the Israeli market is wireless equipment and wireless projects for customers in industry and for State security bodies.

We create solutions for the customer while using all the equipment required (including the import of specific items that are not generally in stock) – cables, earphones, microphones, speakers, analog and digital mixers, infra-red systems, and intercoms.

Marketing "From the Heart"

MeHalev (From the Heart) is a subsidiary company of Kilim, which includes a staff of professional and enthusiastic agents who are entrusted with the marketing and sales of products throughout Israel.  Their tremendous knowledge, uncompromising service, and professional work standard give them an "open door" among hundreds of customers in the country.  At the same time, we are working with a network of carefully chosen and authorized suppliers to represent and sell the equipment that we import.  They are spread throughout the country, and one of them is certainly close to you.  Beyond this, we are happy to answer any telephone inquiry, dispel any hesitation, or provide any consulting that concerns our field.  Do not hesitate.  Simply call Kilim and we are sure that it will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship…

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