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K-Party is a subsidiary company of Kilim, which provides a unique alternative to the traditional speaker system and offers a completely new way to party- "Silent discos".

So how does it work? Each individual is given a set of wireless headphones; giving them the choice of 3 DJ's at just a flick of a switch.

"Silent discos" are sweeping the world by storm at festivals and nightclubs and now they are here in Israel.

The DJ is playing, you are dancing and no one leaves the gig without enjoying…

A variant of the silent disco involves live bands competing for the audience as well as theatres & performance companies which are beginning to exploit silent disco technology too. Kilim offers a wide range of equipment such as lighting & mixing consoles, which provides a solution for any kind of event. We can cater for events of all sizes, from small parties of 50 to large-scale festivals.Why not contact us today to see what we can do for you?


Keeping it loud, all night long…

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