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Electricity Infrastructure

Electricity Infrastructure and Site Lighting

"The wiring that I coiled around the magnet created a mysterious power."
(Michael Faraday discovers the electric current, 1832)

Lighting and sound amplification are two voracious animals that are fed insatiably by electricity. As the production gets showier and more complex, a broader, more trustworthy and uninterrupted electricity infrastructure is necessary. Over the years, we have specialized in bringing electricity to any corner, at any height required, and with the proper power: We carry out high output electric feeds; we supply, lease and operate a variety of fixed and mobile generators of different sizes, and install electric board and end units (three- and one-phase).

In addition, we supply distributive lighting to the site and parking lots, local lighting, distribution of electricity to booths at exhibitions, hanging installations, etc


  • 16 X MAIN 400 AMP
  • 18 X MAIN 125 AMP
  • 40 X MAIN 63
  • 120 X MAIN 32 AMP
  • 1000 METER 125 AMP
  • 2000 METER 63 AMP
  • 3500 METER 32 AMP

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