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"Let there be light." (G-d)

For the past 61 years, "Kilim" has operated with the multi-powerful magic called light.  Almost three generations of the family company have researched with wonder the world of unlimited possibilities of light in all its aspects and applications.  By carefully transferring the knowledge from father to son, we are plotting the boundaries of the field and blasting through them time and again.  It is difficult to think of a challenge that has not been placed before us in the nearly 61 years of Kilim's operations.  From one achievement to the next, from one grandiose project to another, we have accumulated experience, strength, and especially a professional reputation of the highest standard in Israel and abroad.

Kilim is a group, a company, and a family.  But more than anything, it is a group of people that have removed the term "impossible" from their lexicon…

And with the lightning comes the thunder – the kingdom of sound, voice and amplification integrates and complements the art of light.  By combining these two forces, these two powers, upon which the world of human senses has been built, we create breath-taking experiences.  Just as painters paint the canvas and the sculptor etches his creation in stone, we leave our impression on the memory of the viewer.  The force of the experience of a Kilim event or production "lives" in the soul of the audience long after the last of the fireworks has been extinguished and the voice of the speakers has been silenced.

Kilim's "trophy case" is graced by every achievement that can accrue to a person: Eurovision, Maccabiah, Jubilee festivals, international musical festivals, the Israel Festival, concerts, State functions, and more.

In every such production, we are tested anew by customers for whom parameters such as exactitude, responsibility, meeting specifications, and trust are the supreme test.  It is clear to us at Kilim that our word, and precisely meeting our obligations to the customer are the basis for our continuing business success.

Kilim's high professional standard turns it into a natural partner and representative arm of the most recognizable and high-end names in the world of light and sound – brand names that send a vibration through every expert and professional in the sector.

The most valuable asset of all, that which makes Kilim a company with no competitors, is our dedicated employees.  Fifty special people suffused with a sense of mission and pride in the whole, and who leave our customers thrilled and incredibly thankful ever time.  Among these customers are the elite of the commercial companies in Israel, government ministries, giant organizations, television studios, theaters, universities, and more.

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